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If you have decided to paint your boat with a brush or roller it can be a little tricky if you have never done it before. We recommend you watch a few videos on the topic, read your data sheets for thinner volume and drying times. Plan your job so the surface is not red hot from the sun and drying the paint too quickly and use a retarder thinner in hot weather to give you more drying time.

Here are a couple of great instructional videos, if you search the internet for rolling and tipping you will find plenty of videos.

If you are having trouble, talk to the sales rep for the paint you are using, they can give you plenty of technical advice and tips. Try your first attempt off the job on a piece of timber or gelcoat before you have a go at your hull, so you can get a feel for the paint, it’s coverage, thinner amount required at various temperatures throughout the day. Ask us for the Altex 321 Brushing polyurethane, we stock it!



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