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Thermo-Lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, offering high specific strength and toughness. The non-absorbent material is extremely durable and dimensionally stable, provides an excellent bonding surface, has good impact strength, sound and thermal insulation, and is resistant to contamination and high temperatures.

Offered in full sheets only, Thermo-Lite Board® is built for lifetime performance and is ideal for endless applications subjected to static and dynamic loads. Thermo-Lite Board® is manufactured in a thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm, dimensions up to 1510mm wide and 3580mm long, and a density range of 320-640kg/m³, depending upon the product line

Please contact us for assistance to qualify a product line to meet your applications..
At present, demand for Thermo-lite has outstripped supply. Please call to check if we have the size you require available

Thermo-lite Core Board:

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