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Boating Supplies and Antifoul, boat accessories. We have around 10,000 items on the shelves here at Marine Trade Supplies. You will find almost everything you require whilst your boat is out of the water. This includes chandlery items like rope, mooring & anchor chain and shackles, Jotun, International, Hempel, Altex, antifouling paint, anodes, epoxy primers, topcoat paints, brushes, rollers, abrasives, safety gear.

Names like Micron 77, Micron Extra 2, Jotun Seavictor 40 and 50, Seaguardian, Hempel Olympic, Mille Dynamic Prop Speed. Garmin, Fusion, GME. Here are just some of the items you will see in store


We are busy bringing in a full chandlery range to meet the ever growing needs of a busy boatyard. Garmin, Fusion, GME, Anchors, Rope, Chain, Electrical, Harken, Ronstan, Wichard, Marine Plumbing including Rule 12v and 24v pumps, skin fittings, hose. Drop in and check out our offering. If you need to replace your anchor chain while here in the boat yard, we can drop you’re new chain right under the boat so you can just winch it up! We can supply Australian made PWB Grade L Shortlink chain, the very best available in the market today!


We proudly stock NCS resin products including Vinylester, LSE and Unwaxed resin, Gelcoat, Flowcoat, Tooling resin, fibreglass chop strand mat rolls in CTG or Jushi, and we even sell it by the metre and that includes 400g and 600g double bias and 200g surfboard mat.

Thermo-lite Board

We stock Thermo-lite tough board in 12.7 sand/sand and 19mm sand/sand. Other sizes are available by special order.

Thermo-Lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, offering high specific strength and toughness. The non-absorbent material is extremely durable and dimensionally stable, provides an excellent bonding surface, has good impact strength, sound and thermal insulation, and is resistant to contamination and high temperatures. Offered in sheets or pre-cut parts/kits, Thermo-Lite Board® is built for lifetime performance and is ideal for endless applications subjected to static and dynamic loads. Thermo-Lite Board® is manufactured in a thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm, dimensions up to 1510mm wide and 3580mm long, and a density range of 144-640kg/m³, depending upon the product line.


We stock Musto Clothing. If you are looking for Musto give us a call. Browse the range and Catalogues.

Racor Fuel Filters

We stock a great range of Genuine Racor Fuel Filters. Buy by the carton and save. Don’t get caught short. In stock now. 2020TM, 2010TM, 10 micron. Genuine Racor Fuel Filters.

Marine Batteries

We proudly stock in store, Delkor and Full River Marine Batteries. After a lot of research we found the brands to be the most reliable and far superior to most on the market. If you are after quality batteries come talk to us about it. We are a master distributor so our prices are second to none. Do not rush into buying the cheapest battery. Boats require a planned approach with correct charging and our technical expertise is great. Battery suppliers often buy the cheapest battery available that week and rebrand. Even the warranties offered are diminishing and not worth the paper they are written on. We found Delkor and Full River are reliable, built to a specification and are warranted properly.

Epoxy Resins

If your after epoxy resins, we are an approved West Systems distributor, so R105, H205/6 is in stock. We stock 25kg kits right down to litre kits. Also advanced bonding solutions like Techinglue, Technifill the list goes on. We offer International Epoxy Resin & Fillers, also Altex 4:1 Epoxy Resin.

Saftey and PPE

We stock PPE safety equipment. Suits, masks, gloves, glasses, respirators. We have quite a range and offer 3m half masks in silicone or rubber. Hand cleaners the list goes on.


A wide range of chemicals are available including acetone, mineral turpentine, metho, wax and grease remover, gunwash, degreaser. We are a Septone distributor so we stock most products.


We stock Barnacle Buster, Sew Clean, Coil Cleaner. Barnacle Buster is used to remove calcium build up in your cooling system. Pumped through your heat exchangers. Sew Clean will remove calcium buildup inside your pipes. Coil Clean is used to clean the fans and coils in your airconditioning system.

Castrol Oil

We stock a great reange of Castrol Motor Oil. RX Super, RX Super Plus, Outboard, hydraulic, gear oil. If you are planning to change your oil visit us for your motor oil.


We stock 316 stainless steel skin fittings, stainless ball valves elbows and joiners. Bronze Skin fittings, bronze ball valves elbows and joiners. We also stock Nyglass fittings and ball valves, elbows, tees and joiners. A range of marine hose as well. Come check out our plumbing range, it is very extensive.


We are Fixtech and Sika distributors so talk to us about your individual sealant and adhesive requirements.


Our shelves are loaded with sacrificial anodes and you will find our anode prices are some of the lowest on the coast.

Prop Speed

We supply Prop speed to trade applicators for your underwater running gear. We also now sell 200ml and 500ml kits to the public! If you are an avid do it yourself kind of person, PropSpeed is now available. If you need someone to apply your prop speed we know all the applicators and we can put you in touch.

Stainless Steel

We sell 316 stainless nuts and bolts and hose clips, and we are now stocking a full range of Stainless shackles, fitting, blocks and hinges.

National Luna Camping Fridges

We supply National Luna Camping Fridges/Freezers. Known as the very best in the market, they feature stainless steel casings, very low current draw and the full range of covers and spares. Even base mounts and slides.

Boat, Car, Van or truck detailing

An extensive range of detailing products are on offer including 3M, Presta, Farecla Profile 300, G3 and G6. We are a Rupes Distributor, Collinite Wax, metal polishes, carnauba waxes. Septone Drifter hull cleaner, Rust off Gel, 2 part teak deck cleaner, aluminium cleaner. In fact, we supply most boat detailers on the gold coast with their polishes, pads and chemicals. If you polish anything from boats to stone, call us we have very competitive prices to trade.


For the man that knows quality, we are a Festool distributor. We stock a small range of Random orbital sanders and vacuums. Backup pads and vac bags. We can order in any other tool in the range for you.

KT Cables

We are a KT Cables distributor. Tinned cable, twin core, single core, battery cable. Joiners, switches, heat shrink the list goes on.

Hella Marine

We are a Hella distributor. Nav lights, Spot lights, electrical switches and much more.

Antifouling Paints and Primers

Welcome to the home of

We carry all the major antifouling paints and primers including the full Jotun amtifoul marine paints range including the popular Jotun Seaguardian, Seavictor 40, Seavictor 50, Seasafe Ultra, SeaQuantum and quality high solids epoxy underwater primers like Jotamastic 87, Jotacote 605 and Jotafair epoxy fairing compound Imperite 300 and Hardtop AS or Ultra and of course Penguard HB finishing primer.

Altex have released their Pettit Vivid antifoul which is aluminium safe, we also stock Altex No 5 and Sea Barrier 3000 the commercial version. We can access Altex products with very short notice and their rep is very experienced so if your after some guidance we can get you the expert help you need.

We are a PPG Marine & Protective Coatings distributor. We stock ABC3 antifoul, Sigma Ecofleet 290 Antifoul, Sigmacover 280 Epoxy Primer, Sigma Vikote 18 and Epotec 408 High build Primer.

For our Hempel fans we are the Gold Coast Hempel distributor and their range of inorganic fibre resin technology in Olympic 86901 and 86591, Globic is in stock and Mille Dynamic Alu for aluminum boats or stern drives is also on the shelves.

We are a major distributor of International paints. Please see us for all your Micron 66, Micron Extra, Awlcraft and Trilux 33 and primers such as primocon.

We are also a Wattyl distributor, so we stock Wattle’s Seapro CU120 antifoul and primers, just call and it is available almost same day!

Quality top coats

We stock International Perfection, Toplac, Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000. Jotun Hardtop and Imperite 300. We also stock Resene Multi-gard. A buffable polyurethane top coat. Altex 321 Brushable Polyurethane. Wattyl Colourthane and PolyU 400 is also available. Just let us know your requirements and we can even have the International rep visit your boat and spec up your Awlgrip.