Use this form to make contact with us for a COD (Pay as you go) account.

What are the benefits of an instore COD account:
There are many benefits, you will receive an emailed copy of your in store purchases / invoices. This way your purchases can be easily tracked, allowing us a history on what brand of antifouling paint, quantity used, anode codes that you purchased and when you last slipped. All of which can be used on your next slipping!

COD accounts (cash on delivery) are for use on in store purchases only. Please understand these are in no way a credit offering. You simply Tap n Go or pay cash in store as you go. We have fast and efficient checkouts much like the large hardware stores, so there is minimal delay unless you require special orders.
We actually do not know when your vessel goes back in the water or when you leave the yard or marine precinct, as we are an independently owned local family business. We are unaware of vessel lift times, or even your contact details from The Boat Works etc due to Australian privacy laws. Many assume we are owned by The Boat Works due to our location, we are not. Also a credit card that declines, is as useless as a painted anode!
Due to these facts, we do not offer credit accounts to visiting boats. 
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