Antifoul paints are designed to optimise your vessels seasonal performance by restricting growth on your hulls underwater area. A typical antifoul job will last from 12 months for the budget antifouls right up to 3 years for some of the top end antifouls.

No matter what antifoul you choose, you should haul your vessel out of the water every 15 months or so to check your running gear, your anodes and your hull for any signs of problems like osmosis.

Take two identical vessels on the same jetty. Same antifoul, same everything. The vessel on the bank out of the current might get two years before requiring a haulout. The other vessel out on the T at the head of the jetty in the current, might only get 12 months. Weed can grow on the sunny side and not on the shady side as well.

We stock every major brand available in Australia.


International have two of the best products on the market for world cruising in warm tropical waters, being Micron 77 professional & Micron AP (Advanced Performance). Optimized for superyachts and extended offshore cruising vessels, Micron 77 continually self-polishes to maximise speed, optimise fuel efficiency and provide constant protection even during prolonged stationary periods.

Micron 66 is now retired, it does not like being out of the water for long and can cause issues like flaking and cracking if left out too long or even if you allow the film build to get too thick. Recoating can be tricky. Micron 77 has taken over, it has been around overseas for a few years, it is a professional product only suited to vessels over 20m in length.

Micron AP is now your best choice for coastal vessels. It is a step up from the already successful Micron Extra 2 with extra biocides and is a better price than the old Micron 66, it performs really well.

A premium antifoul like Micron Extra 2 is the best choice if you are not world cruising. Full of biocides & copper, Micron Extra 2 can last nearly two years and will perform very well under most conditions. This antifoul will give you the least problems with fantastic results.

International Awlcraft is the budget antifoul and surprisingly enough it can last 15 months in high current areas. A lot of Gold Coast vessels use Awlcraft with great success.

Trilux 33 is an aluminum safe antifoul and you can typically expect 6 to 12 months service life around the Gold Coast. High current areas will grow barnacles quickly. Great for legs or even Propellers as it is a harder antifoul and will withstand props spinning at high speeds.


Jotun have the Seavictor Self Polishing antifouling range.

Seavictor 50 is Jotun’s premium offering. It loves to run in warm tropical waters. If you are off world cruising, Seavictor 50 is a great choice. It is full of cuperous oxide and biocides to reduce weed growth. It can give you up to 3 years protection depending on usage.

Seavictor 40 is Jotun’s budget antifoul. It is near the same as Seavictor 50 but has less biocides. Seavictor 40 has been very popular around the Gold Coast over the past 5 years and we have had great success with it. If you plan to haul out every 15 months, Seavictor 40 is a great choice.

The other offering from Jotun is thier Seaguardian Ablative Antifoul.

Seaguardian, a little harder than Seavictor is a rock solid antifoul. Packed with Cuperous Oxide and Biocides, you never hear a complaint about it. It will give you up to two years in the water and for a coastal vessel, the best choice.

Jotun also have an aluminium safe antifoul called Seasafe Ultra available in 5 or 10L pails. Top quality antifoul and is used on vessels such as all the city cat ferries in Brisbane to some of the largest aluminium superyachts in the world.


Hempel is the worlds third largest marine paint company. Fantastic products with thier inorganic fibre technology. They have taken copper and biocide release rates to scientific perfection.

Globic is Hempels top of the range antifoul. Great choice for world cruising inn warm waters. It can offer you up to three years in the right conditions.

Olympic antifoul comes in two flavours. They refer to it as high activity and low activity.

High activity is a harder paint. If you are travelling 20 hours out of a 24 hour day then the 86951 high activity is the product if choice. Great for your running gear as well where high wash is experienced.

Low activity or 86901 is what we will offer you 90% of the time. A little softer it will handle infrequent usage alot better. If your vessel sits around for a few weeks or longer use 86901.

Mille Dynamic Alu is the Aluminum safe version and again it can last 6 to 12 months in high flow clean water areas where growth is prolific. Depending on the location of your vessel, varied results will always prevail with any antifoul.


Altex have a few antifouls in thier range. No5 is the premium antifoul. It can give you up to 3 years in the right conditions. A very soft antifoul and even when hauled and sanded, if you rub your hand on it, it will come off on your hand.

We sell alot of No5 and it has some fantastic coulors. Seaport Blue, Navy Blue, Sea Green, Black and Oyster white! If you like to dress up your boat, Altex No5 is your go too!

Seabarrier 3000 and Seabarrier 1000 are the commercial versions. Seabarrier 1000 is the 12 month version. Might seem silly to have a 12 month antifoul but if you think about it, commercial vessels are required to haul every 12 months so a waterblast and recoat of a cheaper antifoul actually saves money.

Pettit Vivid is the latest offering. Aluminium safe yet marketed for both fibreglass and aluminium hulls as it contains alot of the good stuff in it. Harder so very suited to fast boats and running gear.


PPG have two copper based antifouling products marketed at coastal vessels. They do also have silicone based antifouls for commercial vessels that can be specified by the rep.

ABC 3 is their top tiered product absolutely packed with copper, zinc and biocides. It is a very good product and is up there with the best of them. Over 30 years in the market proves you will easily get up to 2 years performance Self Polishing, you should get 3 years in the water with ABC 3. Supplied in 10L & 4L pails. Comes in Black, Blue or red.

Sigma Ecofleet 290 is also a fantastic choice. Although less expensive, it is cheaper than ABC 3, still self polishing and comes in 15L or 5 pails. We have sold over the years pallets and pallets of Sigma Ecofleet 290 and people come back asking for it with great results. If your vessel is around the 35ft mark, a 15L pail is very economical. Comes in Black, Blue or the traditional red/brown colour.

Sigma Ecofleet Alloy is PPG’S aluminium offering and it performs well also. Available in 10L & 4L pails in Black & Blue.

Our local rep is Michael, he is very knowledge and can assist with specifying a system suited to your application should the need arise.


Seapro CU120 is a fantastic antifoul. We have had awesome results with this antifoul. Wattyls primers are also amazing you have probably heard of thier PR 250 epoxy and TC90 tie coats.

How much antifouling will I need:

International Paints have created this fantastic diagram that explains how to roughly calculate the quantity required: