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Marine Trade Supplies is proud to be the first retailer in Australia to offer the quality of PropSpeed, a proven and relaible foul release coating for underwater running gear, for sale to the retail market in both 200ml and 500ml kits. You can now coat your own sail drive, propellers etc without the assistance of a PropSpeed applicator!

This will suit  those avid, DIY boaties who love to maintain their own vessel, and know it like the back of thier hand. You can now do your own running gear in PropSpeed! Watch the video, read and understand the instructions as applying Propspeed correctly is critical to the product performing as it has for years to date as an applicator only product. There is a great instructional video online, and there is also instuctions inside the retail kits.

We have the 200ml and 500ml kits now on the shelves, so drop in and grab yourself a kit today!
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PropSpeed, More Speed Less Fuel!



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