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Available in 20L pails for professional use only, limited to vessels 20m or more in length. Black, Blue & Red. Give us a call for a professional specification for your boat!

Micron® 99
High strength, multi-season antifouling performance
Micron 99 is a premium SPC-type antifouling developed especially for professional use with ultimate multi-season performance in salt, fresh and brackish waters. The low VOC content helps boatyards to cut solvent emissions, and the high surface coverage helps yards to reduce paint and labour costs respectively.
Product Features and Benefits
Patented class-leading SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) Biolux® technology
Outstanding protection even in the harshest conditions
Proven SPC technology has already been used successfully on thousands of sail boats and super yachts.

Multi-seasonal performance, one application lasts for at least 2 seasons*
Haul and re-launch is possible without repainting Increases yard throughput and flexibility in maintenance schedules * When applied to the specified film thickness
Excellent hold-up performance Very high film thicknesses can be applied in one coat if required
Low VOC at <300g/lt
Helps yards reduce their VOC emissions, meet requirements and reduce environmental impact
Increases the flexibility for yards to select aesthetically appealing products that contain a higher VOC content, such as topsides
High solid content Quantity of paint required per project is lower** so the overall cost of paint per m² is reduced
Handling time and therefore labour costs are reduced
Lowers the overall carbon footprint, less paint is needed so less packaging and associated transport is used
** In comparison to Micron 77
Predictable performance with tailored specifications
Apply only the exact film thickness required to meet each vessel’s activity profile reduces the amount of paint needed and lowers waste and cost*
The more paint applied, the longer the coating will last which increases customer choice and convenience
Up to 36 months performance in one application, depending on application method and film thickness applied
Flexible overcoating window
Extended overcoating interval, with just high pressure water wash required, depending on temperature
Up to 12 months exposure time out of water without loss of performance, provided the coating is protected from the sun/elements and given a thorough high pressure (3500 – 5000 psi) fresh water wash prior to immersion
Paint and launch after 12 hours
Aids flexible scheduling and improves yard throughput
Lloyds compliant; IMO Systems Convention
Lloyd’s Register Certificate No MNDE/2012/4979

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