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Smart Strip – Remove layers of old antifoul!

Smart Strip Marine Strip

Like its alternative, Smart Strip Marine Safety Strip, Smart Strip Marine Strip is specifically designed for removal of marine boat bottom, antifouling paint, but Marine Strip is used on surfaces where the epoxy barrier coat is to be left intact. In a single application, the Smart Strip Marine Strip alkaline paste will strip all antifouling coatings on boats without harsh fumes or flammable solvents.


Smart Strip Marine Strip is a globesafe and environmentally friendlylead-based paint removal tool. Marine Strip easily clings to vertical and overhand surfaces, and once applied, it covers approximately 20 square feet per gallon. Follow these simple instructions when using Marine Strip for marine paint removal from wood, metal, and fiberglass:

  1. The Marine Strip paste is troweled or sprayed with a HD airless sprayer over the surface to be stripped.
  2. Smart Strip Marine Strip paste is then covered with our Dumond® Laminated Paper which controls evaporation and is left on until all of the paint is dissolved.
  3. When it is ready, place the paint removal tool under the Dumond® Laminated paper and scrape product from the surface.
  4. The stripped surface should be washed with clean water.
  5. Neutralize the surface using our new Citri-Lize Neutralizerincluded in the kit.


Smart Strip Marine Strip paint remover does not contain methylene chloride, MEK, or any other highly flammable solvents. As a non-toxic, eco-friendly paint removal product, there is no special ventilation needed when in use.


  • One application can remove over 30 coats of paint.
  • Formulated without methylene chloride or flammable solvents this paint stripper does not generate any hazardous fumes or odors.
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and nonflammable; Zero VOC. 
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Marine Trade Supplies is your new Rupes Dealer

Marine Trade Supplies is proud to announce we have been appointed a Rupes dealer. We are ecstatic we can now supply these fantastic tools. This of course includes the new Rupes Bigfoot range of DA Polishers. The new Bigfoot 21 Mark II is such an awesome machine.

Being the largest marine supplies store on the Gold Coast, the range of Rupes tools is truly the perfect compliment to our offering.

We have already sold a Duetto Sander and two Bigfoot 21 Mark II machines at our Rupes open day a week ago when the boys from Rupes brought down thier demo van with the full range of tools on display.

I must say personally, after seeing what these polishers can do, it truly was an eye opener for me. To put swirl marks back in the demonstration car bonnet we were working on, the demonstrator just picked up a cheap 200mm variable speed buff and sure enough big swirl marks appeared.

To see the quite light, perfectly balanced 21 Mark II bigfoot laying on the bonnet with one hand and no pressure applied just remove swirls before my eyes was just amazing. It was like a light bulb switched on in my head.

If you are a professional detailer I simply dont know how you could run your business without a bigfoot. It all became clear to me when Alexis and the boys from Sea Spray detaling all attended our opening day and spent the whole hour watching and learning. I guess that is clearly why Sea Spray can offer services a step above their competition. Alexis openly admits to you with his fleet of about 6 bigfoots, yes these tools are not cheap, but the quality of work they allow you to do is what makes his business stand out from the crowd. Then he bought two more, so great to see how the professionals get to the top of thier game. A big thank you to Alexis and Sea Spray Marine detailing for your support.

Drop in store to view the new bigfoot on display along with a range of 180mm foam and microfibre pads.

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Cleanaworx Teak Cleaning System

Our Cleanaworx two part Teak Cleaner & Brightening system has done an outstanding job on this 60′ Clipper yesterday. We undoubtedly have the best teak cleaner on market, at the best price! The results speak for themselves! Available in 2L, 10L, 40L kits. Great for your teak furniture about the home also! Available on the Gold Coast at Marine Trade Supplies. Open Saturdays until 11:45am for your convenience!

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Wooden Boat Restoration

What a fantastic in depth document produced by West Systems in how to make repairs to a wooden boat. Even recaulking is covered which we are often asked about. Have a browse through this if you are planning on making repairs to a wooden boat!