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3M 33039 PERFECT-IT 1 STEP FINISHING MATERIAL 946ML Details 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing Material essentially compounds and polishes in one step eliminating the time and expense of compounding when used as part of the 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Paint Finishing System. Like all 3M Perfect-It compounds and polishes, it delivers a longer working time yet still reduces sling for easier cleanup. Part of a Complete System that Eliminates Compounding in Paint Finishing When used as part of the 3M Perfect-It 1-Step System, our 3M Perfect-it Finishing Material makes possible something that collision repair and detailing professionals have always desired: the elimination of compounding from the paint finishing process. Now, you can complete paint finishing jobs faster, increase throughput in collision repair shop or detail department without sacrificing a showroom-quality finish on most vehicles. Fast-cutting, 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing Material applied immediately after scratch refinement with 3M Trizact 3000 and 3M Trizact 8000 Abrasives, and in effect serves as compound and polish in one. It is formulated for longer work times, even in extreme conditions especially important in places where heat and humidity are common inside or outside of the shop. It won’t become sticky during use or leave a powder or film residue that can cause rework. Yet it holds on the pad, reducing the mess, waste and cleanup time associated with sling. The 3M Perfect-It 1-Step System 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing Material is an integral part of a complete system that eliminates compounding in the paint finishing process. The system includes: 3M Trizact Foam Abrasive Disc (3000 grade). This foam disc features long lasting, even-wearing abrasive for removing 1500 or 2000 grade sand scratches on painted surfaces.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 285 mm


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