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Marine Trade Supplies has been appointed the sole Gold Coast reseller for Force Chains. We are very excited to offer this quality European chain made in Turkey. FORCE CHAIN GRADE L Manufacturing in a short link configuration meeting the requirements of Australian Standard AS2321. Highest quality lower tensile steel available for lifting purposes with a design factor of 5:1. Also recommended for use in fathom chain and mooring applications and is available with an increased Maximum Work Load (MWL) based on design factor of 4:1. Marked with HDJ-L

A very rich coating of hardened zinc galvanising on the chain gives it a unique appearance to the majority of Chinese chains on the market which are generally a shiny soft galvanised coating. Force chains say: “Generally in the market thickness of hot dip galvanizing is between 35 Micron to 45 Micron. To decrease production costs in both consumption and evaporation of zinc, other manufacturers prefer higher degrees and they galvanize chain in bulk vats or spin baskets of liquid zinc at over over 600 Celsius. In our process, to catch higher salty water resistance, we use lower degrees and our coating average is 80 Micron. Because of this thickness our products usage life is much more than our competitors. All our salty water test reports are minimum 5.50 higher than our competitors. So, residual galvanization is because of this thickness. Our process is a continuous system with sprockets with vibration over zinc bath. This process low lower heat will never affect the integrity of galvanization and also welds”

Currently we have in stock 8mm, 10mm & 13mm call 07 5500 0002 or drop in store to view this fantastic offering!


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