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SeaForce Active provides reliable performance, meeting basic needs at an affordable price.

The triple biocide package allows the use of this anti-fouling for a 60-month docking interval on the underwater hull, improving the out-of-dock performance. Suitable for application on all vessel types, it is recommended for underwater hulls on newbuildings and dry dockings and can be used in specific areas for offshore constructions.

Seaforce Active is a one-component acrylic, hydrolysing anti-fouling coating based on Hydractive technology, which helps to improve the biocide delivery and controls the leach layer development. As a part of the SeaForce range, the self-polishing, low-friction characteristics give effective protection against fouling and minimise hull deterioration.

For optimal results, SeaForce Active should be applied on approved primers and tie coats on aluminium and carbon steel substrates. The performance claim is backed with the idle period guarantee for 28 days in year one.

SeaForce has been the most trusted brand in the ion-exchange type of anti-fouling coatings and has been a choice for over 29,000 applications over the last two decades.

Key features
Hydractive Technology
Triple biocide package
Improved out-of-dock performance
Initial 28 days idle period guarantee
Up to 60 months docking interval

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