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Details 3M Hookit Blue Abrasive Disc 321U are engineered to deliver great performance and finish in the finer grades to make paint prepping fast and consistent every time. Best-in-class value leaves the competition in the dust — literally. Multi-hole Discs are specially designed to improve anti-loading and boost dust extraction for improved productivity and a cleaner work environment. The multi-hole pattern captures dust, keeping the abrasive open for a faster cut and consistent performance throughout the life of the disc. 3M Blue Abrasives are your go-to workhrose for the entire shop. 3M’s engineered ceramic mineral blend delivers best-in-class cut and life. An anti-loading design and the available universal multi-hole pattern extend the life of the abrasive for consistent performance. A full line of discs is available in an array of grades for use throughout the repair process. Available in the 3M Hookit attachment system from body repair to paint prep, BLUE is all you need. Engineered ceramic mineral blend provides best-in-class performance using exactly the right balance of ceramic grain and premium aluminum oxide Anti-loading coating improves disc life Upgraded resins improve durability and finish 3M Hookit universal multi-hole pattern with alignment guide: Reduces loading for improved performance, Improves dust extraction efficiency compared to 6 and 7 hole patterns, Aligns with majority of dust extraction back-up pads

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Dimensions 160 × 160 × 120 mm


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