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Getting help on your project

We are a trade store that sells to boat builders, tradesman, shipwrights and the general public, being both experienced sailors and DIY first timers, new boat owners. Each customer has a skill set and we try to quickly gauge that by way of a casual chat to ensure correct product usage and application because we actually care.

What we do ask of you is, as we are very busy at times, and where detailed and personalized advice needs our full attention and understanding to help you correctly is to try and be patient with us and give us the courtesy of time.

It can take us 15 to 20 mins to get you the information you need without pushing you through it too quickly and risking confusion. We want you to understand the process and we will ask quite a few questions of you in order to understand what your project is about. You will also have questions you need answered. It’s a bit more detailed than buying a bottle of milk from the corner store.

Is the boat fibreglass, timber, steel, ferro cement? What is on it now? Is it bare glass, is there patches of bare glass, is there osmosis blisters that need special treatment? Are you world cruising or planning to not use the boat much? Are you travelling to a remote area where there are not many ship lifts available? Is the boat kept that far up the river it’s near fresh water? All these questions are relative to what type of antifoul goes on. If the epoxy primer is breached it will need to be repaired to ensure you don’t let osmosis take hold.

We therefore ask for your patience while we try to help all our customers and spend time with you.

Trade customers need to get in and out of the shop quickly and generally don’t take up too much of our time apart from the odd order.

If it’s your first time antifouling you will probably need that extra time from us, especially to really understand what you will be doing and you need time to take in technical advice, we love to share our knowledge but you need to understand in order to pay the bills and keep the lights on we do need to jump between customers to keep the flow of the shop happening and we thank you for your understanding.

Give us the time we need to help you and you will end up with your job done properly the first time, using correct primers in the correct areas, correct number of coats.

We hope you will come back and support us each and every year or so, as your maintainence schedule suits. It’s an easy process but important to get right.

Copper based antifoul on an aluminium leg or hull will eat out the aluminium housing within a month costing thousands.

I am sure if your still reading you get the idea by now..