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CleanaWorx Two Part Teak Cleaner & Brightener Kits

Cleanaworx Teak Deck 2 Part cleaning and brightening system.

This is a fantastic product that has to be used to believe! Unlike other 2 part cleaners, this product does not contain caustics, hydrocloric acids or any dangerous chemicals that will attack your caulking or glues or be absorbed into your skin. Read the SDS on the product you are currently using you might be very surprised as to what chemicals you are putting on your teak and seams.

The Cleanaworx teak deck cleaner and brighting system will bring your teak back looking like new. It contains UV Inhibitors that will slow the process of your teak going grey and it will look like new for much longer.

Fantastic on teak decks, teak furniture. This new and improved formula is now stronger and will even remove old teak sealers if used at the recommended ratios.

We are launching a spring pricing special valid until September 30, 2017 and our pricing is fantastic so stock up and save!



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Pure-lite Board


Pure-Lite Board is diamond among smart materials.

Pure-Lite Board Pure-Lite is a highly compressed smart material based on PUR/PIR rigid foam providing a high thermal insulation value. Pure-Lite is made of residual material from production runs during a closed process chain convincing through its sustainability. Pure-Lite board offers construction and thermal insulation of the first kind for components and building parts, manufactured using highly compressed smart materials based on PUR/PIR and offered at a density of 550kg/m3, Pure-Lite Board is available in a range of thicknesses from 10mm- 60mm in standard and custom sheet sizing.


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New 3m Distributor!

Marine Trade Supplies is now a 3m distributor. 3m have recognised that we have become an unstoppable force in Marine Supplies. Marine Trade Supplies & Chandlery has surged ahead, recently tripling in physical size. Now taking up 2 1/2 tenancies here The Boat Works Gold Coast when you walk through the doors it is a bit breathtaking. Our dedicated trade centre features all the major marine paint brands, resin & glass. Marine Trade Supplies strength will certainly benefit the whole Coomera marine precinct. We buy pallets and pallets of supplies each week so our purchase volumes give us fantastic pricing which we pass on to our customers!

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3m and Marine Trade Supplies join forces!

Marine Trade Supplies is your newest 3m distributor. 3m have recognised that Marine Trade Supplies has grown to become an unstoppable force in the Marine Supplies game. As The Boat Works continues to grow, the 16 hectare property encompasses some 32 businesses who collectively make up it’s tenant base. Marine Trade Supplies has also surged ahead recently tripling in physical size. Now taking up 2 1/2 tenancies, when you walk through the doors it is a bit breathtaking. Our marine chandlery has now grown to include a huge range of choice. Our dedicated trade centre has so much choice now, it is truly a tradies heaven, a one stop shop. Now complimented by 3m, we are expanding the quality of our product offering even further.

With 3m’s range, we will certainly see more sales and happier customers.

Polishes, buff pads, abrasives, tapes and more. We intend to pack in as much of the 3m product range as we can. We already have a pallet of 233+ tape on it’s way and more product coming in weekly. We can offer our business customers dedicated support back end as well. If you are having problems with your internal processes, our 3m reps can visit, watch and come back with time saving products. Imagine being able to shave even an hour off a process each day, the potential savings for your business is huge. It can be as simple as switching over to a sand paper more suited to what you are sanding. If you are detailing a car, boat or caravan, we will have the correct cut and polish, buff pads here for you.

Marine Trade Supplies strength will certainly benefit not only the tenants of The Boat Works Coomera, it will benefit the whole marine precinct. We are very excited to welcome 3m on board as a partner of both The Boat Works & Marine Trade Supplies and all truly look forward to working with the 3m team!