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FORMULA FIVE ® Mold Release Wax is a premium mold release wax that blends carnauba, nature’s most durable protection, with modern polymers and hydrocarbon waxes.
Formula 5 Mold release wax is an easy to use, forgiving release system. It is formulated to produce high shine cosmetic parts from most thermoset casting resins on most mold and plug substrates. Polymers are added to provide easy application, extended open working time, and positive multiple releases in even the most demanding demolding situations. Recommended for use with companion product FORMULA FIVE ® Clean ‘N Glaze as a simple two-step fiberglass mold maintenance system to ease the release of gel coated parts and maintain fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) mold surfaces. Also useful for non gel coated composite casting. Ensure to replace the can lid after use to prevent it drying out. Please download the Technical Data Sheet (Application Guide) for complete instructions.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 220 × 220 × 175 mm


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