Return Policy

If you buy a product from us, you can be assured that it is direct from the supplier and it’s quality is, as supplied to us. We do not sell products that have been taken out of our store, opened and returned by other parties, for any reason. You hear horror stories like tins of paint opened, half used, filled with turps and returned on “no questions asked return type policies”.

We strictly adhere to the Queensland Department of Fair Trading Laws with regards to sales and returns. These terms are clearly displayed at our point of sale locations. If a product is faulty, of course we are happy to return that product to our supplier for testing, and if found to be faulty, we will either replace the product or refund, and we will do this as quickly as we can for you. You will need your original receipt as proof of purchase.

We do not return product on a simple change of mind, and that includes “I don’t need it any more” or “someone else did the job for me so I did not use it”. These situations are all considered change of mind.

There is also no returns accepted on special orders for tinted paints. If you request us to supply paint tinted to a reqested colour, our suppliers will not take these back nor exchange them, so tinted paints are non returnable.

When you buy a product, you expect the assurance that it is fresh, un-opened, not contaminated and it will perform the way it is meant to. It has not been locked up in a hot car at close to 100 deg or sitting in the sun for even one day.

With chemicals, paints, liquids, PropSpeed, tubes of sealant, resins being stored in a hot car just a few hours is enough to destroy the product inside the packaging.

Rest assured, when you buy products from Marine Trade Supplies it is a new unopened product and the quality is as supplied to us from our suppliers. This is why you shop with us, and the exact reason you are not using an online clearance type website where really, you don’t know the history of what you are buying.

Thank you for understanding this strict policy, it is not always as accepted as well as we would hope, however do remember it is in place to provide you with a positive experience from the outset.

If you are caught in a situation where you end up with product you have left over, consider an online clearance site like Gumtree or ebay for instance. Even facebook these days have a marketplace where you often find people clearing unused items.

Here is a copy of the Fair Trading poster displayed in store.

If you have asked us to ship a product to you, as soon as it leaves us it unfortunately ends up in the hands of a third party carrier. We cannot control what happens once it has left us. We do take all care in packaging to ensure safe travel. We cannot ship to private addresses. If you are not home when the courier arrives, you are subject to re-delivery charges which at times we have seen equal to the amount of the initial shipment.

The best way to ensure safe passage is to give us a business address that is manned during business hours where someone will be there to sign for your package. If not, you will either have to pay additional shipping costs for re-delivery or pick it up from the carriers depot.

If you request us to leave your package unsigned at the door or behind a gate for example, you void any insurance or claim back to us. If it is left unattended, we simply cannot be responsible. You are very welcome to organize your own shipper to collect from us at your expense if this suit you.