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 All goods and items supplied shall be governed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act). We also adhere to Queensland Department of Fair Trading practices. Goods supplied by Marine Trade Supplies are subject only to the applicable manufacturer’s written warranty (if any) and, except to the extent prohibited by law, all other warranties with respect to Goods are hereby excluded. If a product is faulty we will do our very best, as quickly as we can to rectify the issue for you. If Goods supplied have a major fault or defect, we will rectify the issue or refund including freight.

For change of mind purchases the following terms apply:
All returned goods must be accompanied by the original invoice or excerpt copy of bank statement page showing us the date & amount.

a. Goods will be accepted for credit when returned in the original, unmarked packaging within seven (7) days of purchase.
b. After seven (7) days a return authority is required from Marine Trade Supplies.
c. 20% restocking fee will apply on all change of mind returns.
No goods will be accepted for return:
1. When items have been used or fitted or damaged in any way.
2. If hose, wire, rope, fibreglass, matt, carpet etc has been cut to length as per customer requirement.
3. For items which have been specially procured.
4. When goods are not accompanied by the original invoice.
5. Paints that have been tinted to your requirement as a special order.
6. Spoilable products such as paints, resins, sealants etc change of mind returns are not accepted. With the Queensland heat, just one day in a hot car where temperature’s can reach 50 degrees within 30 minutes and it will spoil the product, solvents evaporate, products break down and we simply cannot return these on a change of mind return.

The cost of freight for returned items is the responsibility of the customer. No return will be accepted for credit, other than for warranty issues, more than six months from purchase.

Here is a copy of the Fair Trading poster displayed in store.

We would ask you to keep packaging etc if you can. We certainly try to be as reasonable as possible whenever we can and we want to ensure you have a pleasant experience.


If you have asked us to ship a product to you, as soon as it leaves us it unfortunately ends up in the hands of a third party carrier. We cannot control what happens once it has left us. We do take all care in packaging to ensure safe travel. We cannot ship to private addresses. If you are not home when the courier arrives, you are subject to re-delivery charges which at times we have seen equal to the amount of the initial shipment. We reserve the right to change carriers with respects in getting your order to your door in the most efficient way, especially with respects to residential addresses and the way TNT handle freight.

The best way to ensure safe passage is to give us a business address that is manned during business hours where someone will be there to sign for your package. If not, you will either have to pay additional shipping costs for re-delivery or pick it up from the carriers depot.

If you request us to leave your package unsigned at the door or behind a gate for example, you void any insurance or claim back to us. If it is left unattended, we simply cannot be responsible. You are very welcome to organize your own shipper to collect from us at your expense if this suits you.

Freight on returns

 You are responsible for any freight charges incurred when returning a product to us.
You are also responsible for the freight charges in getting a repaired or replaced product back to you.

 Incorrectly Advertised Prices

 This policy covers pricing advertised in store as well as on our website. We fully understand that deceptive advertising is against the law and we certainly do not engage in this practice. Our policy on incorrectly advertised products is clear and simple. If an error is brought to our attention, we reserve the right to immediately withdraw that product from sale until the price is corrected.

We are not required by law to sell a product that is incorrectly priced. We have a store policy to adhere to and our policy is simply we immediately withdraw it from sale until the price is corrected.

If you find a product priced incorrectly and we do withdraw it from being offered for sale, we do apologise and we will rectify it immediately. Once withdrawn and rectified, we will then relist the product for sale. Thank you for understanding this policy.

Some stores’ policies may be guided by particular codes of practice. For example, some big supermarket chains are a signatory to the Code of Practice for Computerised Checkout Systems in Supermarkets. This Code sets out certain procedures that a store must follow in the event of incorrectly priced items. For example, if a customer scans an item in store for a higher price than the price listed on the shelf, the customer is entitled to receive the item free (assuming the look-up number is correct). The Code is voluntary and aims to ensure that supermarket scanning systems do not diminish consumer rights. We advise our customers that we do not participate in this code of practice.

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