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Marine Trade Supplies is your KITO PWB Anchor Distributor.
Enjoy the assurance of quality Australian engineered, Tested & Certified Grade L Anchor Chain. Each length comes with a test certificate & batch number. Kito PWB stand behind the quality of their chain, that is why we recommend & stock PWB chain in store.

When it comes time to replace your chain, often there is confusion. We have put together the simple guide below to assist. We suggest you look at the Gypsy on your anchor winch. Quite often you will see the size stamped right there. Chain can be stretched, so measurements can often confuse. Some like to regalvanise their chain, this can extend the life of the chain, but once chain is stretched, it will often jump in your gypsy. Having a recent test certificate to present to your insurance company is a great benefit if you do have an insurance claim due to a broken chain.

We do come across other chain sizes from overseas, Din766 for example. If you are confused, drop in store with as much information as you can. We will need the measurements outlined below, pictures of any markings on your gypsy, and your anchor winch brand (make & model). Even cut off a few links from the non working end (so we are not measuring stretched chain) if you can.

How to measure your anchor chain.

Anchor Chain is measured in 3 places: Pitch, Width & Wire Size.

  1. Wire Size
  2. Pitch (an internal measurement)
  3. Width (measured externally)

Wire Size:
This is the diameter of the wire used to manufacture the link of chain. This then becomes the size of the chain for example 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm etc

The pitch is the measurement of each link’s length measured internally. Alternatively, manufacturers may use the letter “P’ to represent pitch, for example P = 24mm.

This is the width of the chain link and is measured externally.

Short Link:
This describes the type of chain. Short link is the preferred type of chain of marine gypsies and windlasses. It refers to shape and the pitch size (see below). That is, narrower in length than standard chain.

This is the Standard the chain must be built to comply with. These Standards are administered by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).DIN766 and ISO4565 are European Standards and chain designated to comply with this standard traditionally fit European windlasses. AS2321-2006 is an Australian Standard.

Pitch = R
Width = F
Wire Size = S


Finally, check out this really useful PWB Kito Chain Guide on care and use of your new chain.

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