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Using a snubber is always recommended when deploying an all-chain rode. Snubbers act as shock absorbers between rode and vessel, while at the same time transferring surge loading caused by wind and waves from the windlass to a deck cleat. No windlass is built to bear the load of a deployed anchor, particularly the bone-jarring snatches of an all-chain rode fetching up short.

Manufactured in Europe, the Ultra Chain Grab, Rope and Snubber kit is a unique design that allows it to be easily attached or removed from a taut chain rode. Handmade from 316 stainless steel, the chain grab ensures an even load is dispersed over the chain link attached and does not weaken or stretch the link. Likewise, the specially formulated rubber snubber absorbs the shock, relieving stress on the anchor rode and windlass and prolonging the life of your anchor winch.

Another common problem encountered with an all-chain rode is the frustrating noise of constant chain whip while at anchor. Rest assured the Ultra Chain Grab, Rope and Snubber absorbs this load, allowing you and your neighbour an uninterrupted nights sleep!


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