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STAY AFLOAT Instant Leak Plug & Sealant. 450gm tub Is a simple and versatile material intended to be used in the application of stopping or slowing water leaks. The putty can be used in dry or fully submerged applications. After releasing the putty from the tub it is easily moulded and applied by hand into holes, gaps and cracks. For small leak plugging a sufficient amount can stop leaks immediately and when combined with other material/s such as wood or plastics it’s possible to stop or slow larger size leaks. STAY AFLOAT* has other applications such as sealing, lubricating and waterproofing. It is not intended to replace other safety or damage control items, its primary use is for ‘First Response’ emergency situations and temporary leak fixing: permanent repairs are strongly recommended as soon as possible. PRODUCT INFORMATION: DO NOT USE ON HOT SURFACES. (+49degC) This product is used alone and requires no mixing or curing. No compromise to the putty at 19.15PSIA submerged to 3mts for a 24hr period. Can be re-used and any residue can be removed from the applied surface with rag and acetone or other cleaning solvents that won’t harm the surface material STAY AFLOAT* is applied to. Clean hands with rag, clean warm water and soap. Has minimum shelf life of 5 – 10yrs. Store away from direct sunlight and heat sources, with lid on.

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