Rust Off Gel 650gm

$48.00 $46.20 Inc GST


Finally a Rust remover that works! It’s a gel, so it does not dry out while your washing the boat. Simply apply with a small paint brush or white scourer and leave for 20 to 30 mins. Then just wash your boat as you normally would and kapow the rust is gone! See the pictures, speaks for itself. Will not harm your gelcoat or stickers, in fact it will bright gel coat, so if you have tea staining down your gelcoat apply it there too!

The pictures of this rusty cleat was two 30 min applications, you can see how bad it was, and how well it came up. Grab yourself a tub and treat all your Rust just before you wash your boat.

Note: DO NOT use on Paint, Aluminium or Chrome. Rust Off Gel is safe on white gelcoat.


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