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The Vortex System The high-speed rotation of the VORTEX pump and the geometric design of its piping create a great vacuum able to remove water and organic waste from the bowl. The high-level performance ensures the greatest possible flexibility in planning the route of the discharge hoses, allowing it to reach significant distances and heights. Air Vent Anti Cavitation The noise of the vortex pump in many marine toilets is due to cavitation caused by the presence of air in the pump that is sucked through the toilet drainage hole at the end of each discharge sequence. Planus systems use a patented automatic vent air discharge” system that enables the pump to run without cavitation. No cavitation = minimal noise. Water Hammer Arrestor Planus has introduced the water hammer arrestor as a standard component of its preassembled inlet solenoid, eliminating hammer in the water pipes when the solenoid shuts off. This device is very effective in reducing noise and vibration along the inlet pipeline. Dripping Water System Planus makes the ceramic bowl with a “dripping water system. This system eliminates the need for ugly, noisy plastic nozzles inside the toilet bowl. Rectified Bowls Planus rectifies its bowls in order to guarantee the perfect installation. Planus, after porcelain bowls cooking, rectifies both the base and the rear wall by the use of a numerical control machine. This further work guarantees a perfect and uniform (90°) toilet. Soft Close Hinge Option The new soft close hinge, in ASI 316 stainless steel, offers high slowing down efficiency, elegance and firmness. The soft close system is nowadays a common feature offered to the market. However this system has so far only been applied to light plastic seats and cover. Planus differentiates itself in this regard after having developed a series of soft-close hinges with original highest quality SUGASTUNE damers, world’s leader in this field, and applied them to its luxury wooden seat and cover with bright polyester coat. High-Quality Seats Planus supplies its bowls with a high-quality wooden seat covered with a polyester coating, available in standard or soft close. Control Panels We stock and supply a One Button controller and a Two-Button controller. The biggest difference is that the Two Button controller will ensure there is no water left in the bowl after use. The Three Models Explained and their key differences We supply three types of Planus toilets Match, Stilo and New Artic. These are then further broken down into Match Short, Match Cut Short, Stilo Plus, Stilo, and New Artic. Defining the models: Cut A ’Cut’ model of a Planus marine toilet means that the back has been cut at an angle for best installation practice. Short Is as its namesake suggests, the shorter version.


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