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HEMPEL OLYMPIC PLUS BLACK 5L Hempel’s Antifouling Olympic+ 72950 is a high solids, self-polishing antifouling. The robust rosin technology combined with a good biocide package ensures predictable antifouling protection. The use of patented microfibre technology ensures superior mechanical strength to avoid cracking and peeling and reduces maintenance costs during repair. Smartfibre technology reinvented Fibres ensure exceptional coating film cohesion and best-in-class mechanical strength. Now, we’ve made our Smartfibre technology even better, giving you an even stronger and smoother hull coating. In our new Olympic series, we’ve increased fibre content by 20 per cent. This has enabled us to boost the coating’s hydrophobic characteristics and reduce the leached layer. The result? Improved leached layer control, better controlled polishing and a smoother fouling-free hull throughout the service period.

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Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 275 × 275 × 310 mm


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