Altex No5 Plus 10L

Altex No5 Plus. Full of copper & biocides to give you performance. Ablative, 10L only. Black or Blue only.

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Altex No5 Plus. Full of copper & biocides to give you performance. Ablative, 10L only. Black or Blue only.

 Incorporates a powerful biocide package based on Altex proven binder system
 Ablative, multi-season technology provides a continuous supply of fresh biocides
 Complies with IMO requirements  Excellent low activity performance
 Can be used for high speed crafts, however, ablation rate will increase at frequent and regular high speeds
 Performance of up to two seasons Approvals: APVMA Registered – 86349/115543 Limitations of Use:
 NOT suitable for aluminium hulls and outdrives
 Some colour variation between batches and during storage may occur. If material from different batches is used, it is highly recommended to thoroughly “box” the various batches to achieve a consistent colour. Actual colour is developed over when the film begins to ablate during service. AY&B No.5 PLUS Antifouling is recommended:
 Where multi-season effective fouling protection is needed
 Where regulations ban or restrict the use of organotin compounds
 On yachts, tenders, dinghies, trailer yachts and power boats AY&B No.5 PLUS Antifouling is:
 Compatible over most copper based antifoulings, where recommended preparation is achieved – Please refer to Altex Technical Department for further information
 Not suitable for use on aluminium craft, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs
 Suitable and recommended for use on primed GRP, gelcoat, steel, timber and ferro-cement craft Note: Because ablative antifoulings work by slowly wearing away to expose fresh biocides, the amount of product applied has a direct bearing on system life. One coat – per recommended spreading rate (see below) is designed to provide up to 12 months protection in average c

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 270 × 270 × 290 cm

Black, Blue


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