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WE CAN SHIP PPG ANTIFOUL AUSTRALIA WIDE FOR JUST $27.50 in freight charges (min qty required)

We can ship PPG’s top performing ABC3 Antifouling paint and their Sigma Ecofleet 290 antifouling pretty much right around Australia for just $27.50 freight charges. We do have a minimum of 14 Litres on the orders to make it viable. What a fantastic opportunity to get access to PPG’s premium ABC3 in Black, Blue or Red/Brown. ABC3 can give you outstanding results by keeping those pesky barnacles and weed off your boat’s hull. It is available in 10L and 4L pails.

Sigma Ecofleet 290 is also a top performing antifouling that comes in Black, Blue & Red/Brown. It is packaged in 15L & 5L pails and we have had some excellent results in it’s performance for the budget conscious. We have been selling it for nearly 10 years now and it truly has proven itself. The 15L pails are a really cost effective size if you need more than 10L to do your vessel.

Both ABC3 and Sigma Ecofleet 290 offer a coverage rate of about 5.5 sqm per litre per coat. They are compatible with most existing antifouling paints on the market today and you simply give your hull a high pressure waterblast, a wet rub with 80 grit to remove the hydrolysed layer, a fresh water wash down and you can paint right over the top. If you are concerned about changing, give us a call we can check compatibility with PPG for you. A thin coat of Vikote18 tie coat guarantees you will have no issues if you are concerned.

You may not be aware that solvent based paint is a class 3 dangerous goods item and freight costs can quickly balloon out to $200. Not with PPG from us, it’s just $27.50! (business address only)

Check out the range here:

Datasheets for the technical minds are here:

Call today 07 5500 0002 to book your shipment ready for your next slipping. (allow 2 weeks minimum due to Covid19 freight delays)


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