Anchor Chain Grade L Short Link Galvanized

Marine Trade Supplies offers anchor chain from it’s dedicated 1,500 sqm Super Store located within The Boat Works Coomera on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Our team can measure your current chain, help you check your winch gypsy to ensure we offer you the correct size replacement galvanized anchor chain.

We stock a few different brands currently and our common sizes are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 13mm grade L chain. Test certificates can be supplied with each length for your insurance company. Force Chain, HDG used by the Australian Navy, Lofrans. We also offer Cromax stainless steel chain! We encounter a few foreign built vessels that require chain in different size measurements because overseas specifications can differ from Australian standards & we can supply this on order in most cases & if not offer guidance in gypsy change overs. For the larger superyachts, we offer certified stud link chain, joiners and kenter shackles with certificates.

Our services mean that you can drop your old chain onto a pallet whilst on the hardstand here in Coomera at The Boat Works, or just bring in a sample of your current chain we can measure. We take the scrap chain away and deliver your brand new chain on a pallet jack right under your bow where you can clean out your locker & simply winch up your new chain! It really is that simple. We sell chain markers, Hammerite DTM (direct to metal) paint if you wish to mark your chain.

Grade L chain has been the Australian Standard for many years. Overseas there are different standards & recently we see some of these overseas grades like G43 that is stronger than grade L and lighter being imported into Australia. We have asked manufacturers in Australia why they do not use G43. The response we got made sense. Anchor chain should to be heavy. After all, this weight is what makes your anchor work successfully. Grade L has been the Australian standard for many, many years, have you ever heard of it breaking? It will rip your cleat or bollard out of your boat before it breaks. Also you generally use a bridle to take shock loads out when anchored and these will break before the chain. Let’s face it in these sort of extreme circumstances, you are generally on watch motors running, even in gear into the wind. Any experienced sailor or captain knows this.

Also, Grade L will take re-galvanising better than higher tensile G43. G43 is made of 1022 steel as is Grade 70. Hop Dip Galvanizing exposes chain to elevated temperatures which will result in reduced working load limits for heat treated chains. Grade 70 chain working load limit is reduced by 10%, grade 80 chain is reduced by 20% and grade 100 chain is reduced by 30%. All users must be notified of this reduction in working load limits. To this end we prefer to stick to the tried & tested Grade L. Grade L chain is still a tensile steel and is manufactured to AS 2321.

We are a also a Rocna & Vulcan anchor stockist with the most common anchors sizes in stock if you are sick of dragging anchor, come & talk with our team.

We also stock a great range of stainless swivels, rated shackles, joiners. Our prices are very competitive and we have been in business for 11 years, brick & mortar store.

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