12 Month Antifoul Warranty

Marine Trade Supplies is ecstatic to announce a 12 Month Antifoul Warranty* offering, via our Jotun Marine Paints network of “preferred applicators” . We have teamed up with Jotun Marine Paints, and our trusted team of trained “Jotun Preferred Applicators”, to offer our customers a premium antifouling offering of a 12 Month Antifoul Warranty*!

That’s right, the Jotun SeaGuardian and the Seavictor Range are now covered by a 12 Month Warranty*!

This means, you can now have a 12 month antifoul warranty* on a premium antifouling paint, but only if it is applied through our network of approved, trained preferred applicators here at the Boat Works Coomera. There are prerequisites, particularly on the applicator. Strict adherence is required of the applicator in adhering to Jotun marine data sheets and specifications, record keeping on quality assurance sheets that need to be completed at the time of application by these trained professionals. Things such as surface temperature and dew points, film build etc are recorded on our quality assurance forms. Once completed and accepted, your 12 month antifoul warranty* commences. These guys are trained professionals so you need not worry!

If you would like your vessel covered by the 12 month antifoul warranty*, contact any of our network of preffered applicators!

Just another premium service offering from the tenants here at The Boatworks Coomera!